The 3rd of 3

birthdaycakeballoon.jpgSo, today is my birthday. The third and final celebratory day of “My Week.” It is amazing how life’s changes affect differently the special times in our life. I remember as a child not being able to wait for my birthday to come around. I had it good. My birthday was pretty much half-way between Christmases. Presents – 6 months – presents – 6 months – presents, etc. I remember 2 days of the year REALLY trying my patience: December 1 and June 1. That was because the holidays of the month were so close, yet I had to wait a good portion of the month to get to the holidays.

Now that I am grown, I still am excited for holidays, but not so much for the gifts. Yes, it is still fun to get new stuff, but the excitement for me comes in a different form – making memories. Last night, my 3 year old daughter, as I was putting her to bed, put her hands on my face, got 2 inches from my nose, smiled the biggest smile she could, and said, “Do you know what tomorrow is??? Your birthday!!!” I think she was excited enough for the both of us. Actually, I think she was excited enough for the whole state. But it was so special to see how excited she was for me. I hope and pray she never loses that excitement in her life.

Another effect this birthday has for me is that I am now at the age where Christ began his ministry. (give or take a year) It makes me realize what he had ahead of him – the crowds, the friends, the pain. I think about all that I have not accomplished for eternity by this point, and pray that God will give me a ministry – witnessing opportunities, mentors, students, and passion. In conjunction with my b-day, I have decided to begin a study of Jesus Ministry, but from a people perspective – who he influenced, talked to, befriended, offended, when, how, why… It should be an interesting journey!


3 Responses to “The 3rd of 3”

  1. 1 John DeMarco June 23, 2007 at 7:26 am

    Happy Birthday!!!

    If you want to completely ruin your life (in the most positively wonderful way) like mine is being ruined right now, then I highly recommend the book “The Irresistable Revolution, Living As An Ordinary Radical” by Shane Claiborne. It’s a “a study of Jesus’ Ministry, but from a people perspective – who he influenced, talked to, befriended, offended, when, how, why” If you want the truth that you won’t hear in most churches, then read this book.

    Let me know if you take the plunge.


  2. 2 totaltransformation June 26, 2007 at 4:13 pm

    To be honest I never got into holidays- Christmas and birthdays included.

  3. 3 mattw23 June 27, 2007 at 4:23 pm

    You’ve been tagged, here’s how it works, write in a post “5 things you dig about Jesus” then tag 5 other people.

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