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A Friend In Need

I am sending out a request for prayer for a friend and co-blogger of mine. Stef Tarapchak is a blogger for the website and he was just diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. He is 36 and a husband to Sandi and father to 3 young kids. He has posted all the details on his blog, so I won’t fill them in here. But he and his family need prayer as they begin this journey of chemo, treatments, and battle of the disease.

Pray for them, please.


The Journey

backpacking.jpgI was just reading through some of my old posts realizing how far I have come this year. The one that caught my eye was “Roadblocks” from last December. Isn’t it cool that we have technology like this to go back and see what God has done in our lives? I was just taking an account of the roadblocks I had at that time and how God removed them in His perfect time.

Now I just have to have the patience to finish the journey I have started, that was on the other side of the roadblocks.

Worn out?

After a long weekend of soccer with kids, and not with my family, I am tired.

How cool is it for this verse to show up in my inbox this morning:

“He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.”

                                                                                        — Isaiah 40:29

Too Much To Do?

pulling-out-hair.jpgIt’s so funny that the busier I get, the less I feel I have to talk about on this blog. I am amazed by some of the “super-bloggers” out there that can find 3, 4, or 20 things to post on their blog in one day, when I struggle to to get one.

Makes me wonder why I titled this “What God is teaching me today?” Am I just not listening to Him? Are there too many distractions? Yes. But how do we know what the good balance is between listening to God and going about the business He has lead us to do?

Right now, I have school, which I am in because I believe God is calling me to a career change. (and right now it is A LOT of schoolin’) I am involved in a ministry at our church (which I admittedly have not been as involved in that lately as I probably should be). I am coaching soccer, because I feel that is a great ministry/witnessing opportunity. I have my full-time job, which God have granted me to provide for my family. And, I have my wife and family, which God gave me. Add to that, family reunions, friend get-togethers, date nights, work around the house, etc…

Is it possible that God could give us too much to do for Him?

I Cor. 10:13 says God will not allow more temptation than we can handle. I believe the same goes for ministry and opportunities He leads us into. Our relationship with Him is His highest priority, as should be ours. And if we are slipping in that area, I believe God will arrange for that not to happen. If that means slowing down in school, so be it. If it means finding another ministry, so be it. If it means finding an new wife… ha ha, just kidding!

What do you think?

Phil. 4:19 – And my God will supply all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.


tagteam.jpgWell, there is a tagging going around in the blog community. (I actually got tagged 2 times! – Ouch!) But this one has made me think a bit. This tagging requires the taggee to write “5 things you dig about Jesus” then tag 5 other people. What a cool idea! It sounds like such a “Sunday School” question, but it is a good opportunity to consider why I believe what I believe. So here goes…

1. He died so I may live. – 1 Thes 5:10 (#1 reason, hands down)

2. He had unconditional love for all he met. – see Zacheeus & Matt. 9:11-13

3. He had a Biblical based answer for all who questioned/tempted Him. – Matt. 19:3-12

4. He prayed for us. – Matt. 19:13

5. He had great stories. – Matt. 13

Now I have to be honest, I had to really think about these. It wasn’t easy to come up with 5 – 2 or 3 yes. Does that say I need to know him better? Absolutely! That is the faith I live – continually striving to know Him better!

I’m running out of bloggers to tag, so here’s who I get to tag…




My Week from H-E-Double Hockey Stix

hockeystix.jpgHave you ever noticed that when God teaches you a lesson, sometimes it comes in a still small voice. Last week I felt like Elijah on Mt. Horeb (1 kings 19) where all kinds of attention-getters were sent my way. We had a gathering at my house that started it all – Someone decided to pass on an illness to the rest of us. So, my girls were sick all night with flu-like symptoms (and if you have never had kids who were sick, you have never experienced the ultimate helplessness of a parent) whereby I ended up with whatever they had on Monday and Tuesday. I have never been as ill as I was on Monday. Never.

Well, I of course missed work, and was behind on a project that was due I thought on Friday. Turns out it was due by noon Thursday. Great. So I was scrambling on Wednesday and Thursday at work to get done what I needed to. I also missed class Tuesday night, and had homework due Saturday for 2 classes. Then was on the road for 11 hours on Friday for work, and had to scramble Friday night for my homework due the next day. THEN we found out our Bro-In-Law’s father passed and they were having services for them in Toledo Sun and Monday… And the girls were crabby both times on the road, and I made a stupid choice that caused conflict between my wife and I, and… I could go on.

Then this morning I was graciously reminded of Elijah on Mt Horeb. Fire on the mountain. Check. Crazy wind storm. Check. Small whisper from God.


This wonderful, quiet, cool morning, God reminded me, “I am still in control and I have a plan for you. You WILL have rough weeks. You WILL have good weeks. I will not give you more than you can handle. Trust Me, and trust in Me.”

Weeks like last, I am happy to forget. But I hope the lesson I learned, I will never forget.

This Month’s Verse:

"For a child has been born for us, a son given to us; authority rests upon his shoulders; and he is named Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."

-- Isaiah 9:6-7

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