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Jesus’ Car Wash

washThe other day I decided to give my wife’s van the annual “deep cleaning” where I break out not only the soap bucket and sponges, but also the bug ‘n tar remover, the wax, the wheel stuff, the vacuum, the carpet cleaner, the windex, and the little pine tree. Normally I will take 30 minutes for a “quick clean” on the outside, but it was time for the deep scrub inside and out on the ol’ Odyssey.

The girls were more than willing to help, and the bottom 3 feet of the van have never been so clean! (I think Karissa may have rubbed off the top coat in a spot that she worked on for about 10 minutes straight.) We washed, and waxed the outside, shined the tires, took out the seats, vacuumed the interior, Amour All’d the entire thing, but what really got me thinking was when I was on my knees scrubbing the bug gunk off the front. Even with the best cleaners it takes some elbow grease to get that nasty stuff off. I probably worked on all the bug, tar and road gunk for a good hour of the morning.

As I was scrubbing, I thought about my life, and the last time I let Christ do a deep scrub on me. So often we do our devotions (if we do them!) which typically gives us a “warm fuzzy” and reminds us to do something better, like a normal “quick” car wash. We go to church, sing a little, yawn through a message from the pastor, and hopefully we are reminded to do something better. But when was the last time I let God take care of all the “gunk” in my life – do a “deep cleaning?” When have I truly opened up to Him and let Him take care of the sin in my life? When have I broken down to the point of tears when talking to Him?

So often the Christian life is made up of little “quick washes” (devotions, quick prayer before dinner, Sunday morning, etc.) but we need to take time to go to Jesus’ car wash and let Him do a deep cleaning of the “gunk” in our life.



Wow, I almost forgot I had one of these blog things! So much has happened since last posting… World War 2… Fall of Communism… The Great Flood…

Ok, maybe it hasn’t been that long, but much has changed.

Child # 3 has joined the family (A boy for the 2 girls to play with! Yikes!).

A new house in a new town has come to fruition (it’s only 15 miles from the old place, but wow! small town life is so awesome!).

I survived a major job scare! (all praise to God!)

It has been a crazy couple of months, but after all the stress, anxiety, minimal-sleep nights, packing, unpacking to find something, repacking after realizing we never packed what we were looking for, it is so cool to see how God has brought us here.

Prov 3:6     “In all your ways, acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path.”

It seems the older and busier I become, the more this verse is evident! Isn’t it amazing what God can do once you let Him? Will you let Him?

This Month’s Verse:

"For a child has been born for us, a son given to us; authority rests upon his shoulders; and he is named Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."

-- Isaiah 9:6-7

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